La Grande séduction

Poster for La Grande séduction

Autumn 2004 Main series

Sunday, September 19, 2004 at 4:00pm
Sunday, September 19, 2004 at 7:00pm
Monday, September 20, 2004 at 7:00pm

Empire Theatres, New Minas, NS

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Rated 14A · 1h 50m

La Grande séduction, an official selection of the Director’s Fortnight sidebar at the Cannes Film Festival and the 2003 Toronto International Film Festival, is being hailed as the Québécois version of The Full Monty with its winning mixture of endearing characters and blue-collar hilarity. In the little harbour village of St-Marie-La-Mauderne, the once-bountiful fish stocks are depleted; the community is collapsing and the fishermen are forced to rely on welfare. But salvation is at hand: a multinational corporation is considering building a factory on the tiny island. The inhabitants of this proud but down-on-its-luck island village see this as an opportunity to restore the village to greatness. Unfortunately, due to insurance reasons, the factory cannot be built until the village has a resident doctor.

Led by comically unscrupulous and big-hearted Germain (Raymond Bouchard, Trudeau), the 150 villagers transform their village in an attempt to make it more appealing to young Doctor Lewis (David Boutin, Mariages). Thus begins the seduction. While the townsfolk are sometimes ruthless and often clumsy, even the most disillusioned villagers rally to the cause. Together — and with surprising resourcefulness — they do everything in their power to convince the doctor that St-Marie-La-Mauderne is a truly ideal place to live. However, as they near their goal, the fragile line between persuasion and outright lying becomes blurred, and Germain and his team find themselves in the unlikely position of having to choose between their factory and their integrity.

Beautifully filmed on a desolate island off Québec’s maritime coast, La Grande séduction exposes a landscape that is as unseen as it is uninhabitable. Chock-full of poignancy and charming humour, La Grande séduction won the hearts of audiences at the Cannes and Toronto film festivals and is sure to be a favourite of the upcoming season.