How She Move

Poster for How She Move

Autumn 2008 Edge series

Sunday, October 19, 2008 at 4:00pm
Sunday, October 19, 2008 at 7:00pm

Acadia Cinema's Al Whittle Theatre
450 Main Street, Wolfville, NS

Directed by Ian Iqbal Rashid

Screenplay by Annmarie Morais

Starring Tre Armstrong, Cle Bennett, Brennan Gademans, Rutina Wesley, and Kevin Duhaney

Rated PG · 1h 34m

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Much like Stomp the Yard and Step Up, How She Move showcases the hypnotic choreography and mind-blowing talent that make step dancing such a popular part of youth culture. In her film debut, Rutina Wesley portrays Raya Green, a high school student hailing from the projects. Her intelligence and drive bring her to a prestigious private school, but she is forced back home after her sister’s death from a drug addiction soaks up the last of Raya’s tuition fund. With her parents working round the clock to make ends meet, Raya finds herself gravitating to her former friends from the neighborhood. She rekindles her passion for dancing, and gets involved with the local step dancing teams as they compete their way toward big money prizes. Realizing this is a second shot out of the projects, she gives dancing everything: all the intensity, fear, and pride she has welled up inside her. How She Move effectively deals with some sensitive issues–drugs, poverty, and death–through the perspective of urban kids on the brink of adulthood. Though it’s easy to get caught up in the dancing and fierce competition, other heartfelt messages trickle through as well, including the importance of family, community and culture. With an impressive soundtrack and fantastic acting performances, How She Move will truly entertain as well as inspire.