Falling Angels

Poster for Falling Angels

Winter 2004 Edge series

Sunday, February 15, 2004 at 7:00pm

Empire Theatres, New Minas, NS

Directed by


Rated NR · 1h 41m

Based on a novel by critically acclaimed Canadian author Barbara Gowdy, Scott Smith’s (Rollercoaster) Falling Angels unfolds like a less-feverish, warmer version of The Virgin Suicides as three young sisters try to negotiate life in their parents stifling house with the turbulent outside world of 1969. Two-time Academy Award nominee Miranda Richarson and Callum Kieth Rennie anchor the terrific cast of young actresses who play the sisters; Katherine Isabelle (Insomnia, Ginger Snaps), Kristin Adams and Monté Gagné.

A delicate balancing act of humour and tragedy, Falling Angels is a richly-woven character study of family dynamic and missed opportunity, populated by beautiful youthful rebels and ill-equipped parents trying to cope with the pull of a world in turmoil that’s beyond the boundaries of home and a nicely manicured lawn.

“Sums up the irony of the human condition and drives its point home half laughing and half crying…”  – The Toronto Star

Falling Angels hilariously explores a family waging an unspoken war about an open secret and charts the extraordinary bounds to which children will go to deny their gene pool.” – Time Out Magazine

“Moving and emotional.” – David Nusair, Reel Film Reviews