A Simple Curve

Poster for A Simple Curve

Autumn 2006 Edge series

Sunday, September 10, 2006 at 4:00pm

Acadia Cinema's Al Whittle Theatre
450 Main Street, Wolfville, NS

Directed by Aubrey Nealon

Starring Kris Lemche, Michael Hogan, Matt Craven

Rated NR · 1h 32m

A Simple Curve is a thoroughly delightful film with nary a misstep in storytelling nor characterization. Aubrey Nealon’s first feature tells the tale of twenty-seven-year-old Caleb’s (Kris Lemche, Ginger Snaps) quiet revolt against his idealistic father, Jim (Michael Hogan, Cold Squad), whose small carpentry shop is struggling to stay in business. Matthew (Matt Craven, The Clearing), an old friend of Jim’s, arrives on the scene exhibiting an aggressive pragmatism that Jim lacks.

As he navigates his way through the opposing visions of Jim and Matthew, Caleb senses that the time to forge his own path has arrived. Lemche is completely charming in the lead role as the conflicted but confident Caleb, who realizes that finding his own paradise may require leaving this one behind, while Michael Hogan embodies the relentless high-mindedness of Jim with aplomb. Voters across Canada placed A Simple Curve on the Toronto International Film Festival Group’s 2005 Canada’s Top Ten list of the best Canadian films of the year.