All The Time in The World

Poster for All The Time in The World

Autumn 2015 Documentary series

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 at 7:00pm

Acadia Cinema's Al Whittle Theatre
450 Main Street, Wolfville, NS

Directed by Suzanne Crocker

Screenplay by Suzanne Crocker and Nettie Wild

Rated G · 1h 29m

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In search of a new perspective, a family of five leave the comforts of home to live remotely in the Yukon wilderness during the long northern winter and amidst the surprises that the rawness of nature provide. The parents leave their jobs and take their three children, ages 10, 8 and 4, to spend nine months living in a small cabin with no road access, no electricity, no running water, and no internet, no TV, no phone and, most importantly, no clocks or watches.

Filmed over 9 months, off the grid, without external crew, and featuring the unique perspectives of children, All The Time In The World explores the theme of disconnecting from our hectic and technology laden lives in order to reconnect with each other, ourselves and our natural environment—parents connecting with children, children connecting with nature.

Yukon filmmaker Suzanne Crocker switched careers from rural family physician to filmmaker in 2009. Her award winning short film Time Lines (2010) screened at film festivals in Canada, the US and Europe, and was selected for a National Film Board Filmmakers Assistance Grant. All The Time In The World represents Suzanne Crocker’s feature film directing debut. It was among the top 20 audience favourites at this years’ Hot Docs and has won many awards around the world.

The soundtrack for All The Time In The World features original music from finger style acoustic guitarist and composer, Alex Houghton and Juno nominated singer songwriter Anne Louise Genest.

“Anyone watching this film will have to ask, what is life all about, why am I in such a hurry, what is it that gives us true happiness. Thank you for making a film that demands that we answer those questions.” (David Suzuki)

“[T]his contemplative meditation offers a tantalizing look at a different way to live your life—provoking questions (and perhaps guilt trips) for the viewers about how they live theirs. It’s an engrossing nature documentary—of human nature.” (Marsha Lederman, The Globe and Mail)

All The Time in The World is a pretty remarkable achievement, capturing both the breathtaking beauty of the natural landscape, and the surprising success of their social experiment. Beautifully filmed and completely endearing, this is an inspiring look at voluntary simplicity and how it brings a family closer together, that will leave you wanting to take time off and live in the wilderness for a few months.” (John Corrado,