The Fundy Film 6-Pack

Get to know your local cinema! The Fundy Film 6-Pack ($36 including HST) offers our patrons the flexibility of General Admission tickets while offering a total discount of $12 on six films of your choice in any regularly scheduled Fundy Film series. Fundy Film screens weekly at Acadia Cinema’s Al Whittle Theatre behind the Acadia marquee, 450 Main Street, Wolfville.

6-Pack tickets are:

  • $6/film for six films — a savings of $2/film compared to General Admission prices.
  • valid for any film in a regularly scheduled Fundy Film series (Main, Edge, and Documentary).
  • fully transferable — you may use as many as you wish for one film. Bring a friend, or five!


  • 6-Pack tickets are not valid for Special Presentations.
  • If you arrive too late and the theatre is full, you will not be able to use your ticket.

6-Pack tickets for our 2007 Autumn series are available. Thanks for your support.