Viewer Info

Welcome to the Fundy Film Society’s Viewer Information page.

While the Home page of our website provides the “breaking” news, Viewer Info presents basic through-the-year general information and reminders for patrons of Fundy Film.

The Fundy Film Society offers films year round in Acadia Cinema’s Al Whittle Theatre, 450 Main Street, Wolfville. The theatre seats 160 patrons.

Fundy Film is a volunteer society and we need your help if our programmes are to live on and grow. There are many ways to help. Please visit our Society Membership page or contact us for volunteer opportunities and information about our Annual General Meeting.

  • Our Main series films screen every other Sunday (4:00 + 7:00 pm) and Monday (7:00 pm).
  • Our Edge series screens on alternate Sundays (4:00 + 7:00 pm) to the Main series.
  • Our Documentary series screens on alternate Wednesdays (7:00 pm) following the Edge series.

Our schedule will be reliable week to week but please check the web site (Home and Calendar pages) in case of a lost film, a theatre conflict, or time adjustments needed to be made for longer films or holidays.

With the move to our own theatre in Wolfville, additional screenings are possible. During the summer of 2006 we screened our first ever Summer Films series followed by a Summer Arts series in collaboration with the Ross Creek Centre for the Arts. Check the web site Home and Calendar pages or the windows and reader board beneath the Acadia marquee, 450 Main Street, Wolfville for any added screenings.

We ask that patrons please verify the screening times before they leave for a Fundy Film by using our website, by calling the Fundy Film Society at 542-5157 or by calling the Al Whittle Theatre office at 542-3344.

Important note: Membership ($10/year) in the Fundy Film Society is not necessary for the purchase of any Fundy Film tickets. See Box Office for all ticket information.

We also welcome Ideas, suggestions, or feedback. Help needed? Contact us. We appreciate your contributions and are eager to give you a hand.

Thank you for joining us and please share this information with any friends, family, or guests that come to Fundy Film but may not have access to the internet. Read on!

Fundy Film Policy

Films and schedules are subject to change without notice or refund. We will do everything we can to provide what is scheduled, and if a change occurs, we will try to inform you in advance and reschedule or provide a bona fide substitute.

Schedule Check

We recommend that you always check the Fundy Film schedule before heading to the theatre. Check our website Calendar and Home pages for breaking news, call the Fundy Film Society at 542-5157 or call the Al Whittle Theatre office at 542-3344 if you have any doubts.

Sad Weather

Unless there’s a power failure, the show will go on! Once again, check our website, call the Fundy Film Society at 542-5157 or call the Al Whittle Theatre office at 542-3344 if you have any doubts.


We encourage it! If you need help, contact us.

Where to Go

Acadia Cinema’s Al Whittle Theatre is located behind the Acadia marquee, 450 Main Street, Wolfville.

Our Box Office Closes Early

The working volunteers also attend the screenings and want to see every minute of the film. So PLEASE, arrive on time.

The Right Ticket

Prepaid Main series ticket holders get preferred seating up to 15 minutes before showtime, but you must have the proper ticket for the screening you attend if you want this privilege.

If you need to attend at a different time, either switch with someone or bring your ticket to the time you are able to attend. Your ticket will be honoured at no cost. However, your seat is not guaranteed when you switch. You will be admitted 15 minutes before showtime, so you must arrive early and be at the head of the queue if you want to have a choice of seating.

Theatre Courtesy

Please be considerate of your close-quartered fellow Fundy Film patrons and:

  • refrain from wearing scents in the theatre
  • eat snacks quietly
  • turn off cell phones and pages or set the vibrate
  • arrive on time, and if late, minimize disturbance

Seating for the Disabled

Seating is available for those needing easy access. If you want to be sure that a seat of this nature will be available for you, please contact us in advance of the screening.

Info for the Visually Impaired

Our printed brochures and the website’s Films page indicate each film’s spoken language and whether or not it is subtitled.

Stash the Trash

Help keep our new theatre clean. Please take all concession waste with you and use proper receptacles in the café or theatre lobby. Thank you!