10th Anniversary Message

It was 10 years ago (Jan 2002) that Fundy Film offered our first season at the Empire (New Minas) because 35mm screening was no longer available in Wolfville.

While selling tickets in the closed Acadia Cinema lobby, Al Whittle told fellow Fundy Film volunteers that the Acadia Cinema Building was “back on the market” and work began that day to create what became the Acadia Cinema Cooperative. The rest is history! By November 2004 Fundy Film had a home in the new Al Whittle Theatre and we became the Coop’s anchor tenant.

This Autumn, we shared with our audiences in a insert like this one that each series is financially precarious for us, especially having maintained the same ticket prices for 10 years while our costs escalate. We asked for your support in helping us bring our numbers up ever so slightly per screening in order to keep our prices the same. And we are pleased to report that thanks in part to your efforts, we did experience audience growth during the Autumn season. Although resulting revenue growth did not quite offset our increased costs the way we had hoped, your response has given us the confidence to maintain our ticket prices at the 2002 level for the upcoming season.

This means you can still buy a General Admission ticket for $8 and 6 pre-paid tickets (a 6-Pack) for $36. As usual, 6-Packs are sold for a limited period at the beginning of each series, this season until February 12.

We are a volunteer-run, non-profit society that depends totally on ticket sales to finance the screenings. Fundy Film can only continue to provide the best possible programmes if we meet our expenses.

So once again we ask that you please help: spread the word about our series, introduce friends to Fundy Film and “buy local” by joining us for films in our up-coming schedule. We want to share our films with as many people as possible and keep our prices low.

Thank you,
The Fundy Film Society, December 2011