The Fundy Film Society is a registered (2001), nonprofit society and member (2002) of the Toronto International Film Festival Group’s Film Circuit.

The Fundy Film Society offers high-quality independent, Canadian and foreign films. Our objectives are:

  • to provide community access to films rarely available in the Wolfville area;
  • to provide an opportunity in our community for the study, appreciation and celebration of film and the moving image as culturally significant art forms.

Local film lovers Joan Chandler Parker, Al Whittle, Susan Hauer, Bill Zimmerman, David Reid, Anna Migliarisi, Mary Costello, Michelle Matthews, and Lee Lewis established the Fundy Film Society in Wolfville, Nova Scotia (2001).

The Society screened its first film on January 20, 2002, at the Empire Cinema, New Minas. Since that date, the Society has screened over five hundred films. The success of Fundy Film inspired the formation of the Acadia Cinema Cooperative, Ltd. (ACC) and on November 7, 2004, the Society moved to the newly renovated and renamed Acadia Cinema’s Al Whittle Theatre, behind the Acadia marquee, 450 Main Street. The Fundy Film Society was ACC’s single largest shareholder until 2011 and continues as anchor tenant.

The Fundy Film Society holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) late autumn of each year. We welcome the participation of those interested in having a voice and a hand in the growth and development of the Society and the series. For membership and volunteer opportunities, please visit our Society Membership page. For AGM information, please check our Home page each year after September.

Fundy Film wishes to acknowledge:

  • Steven Slipp of Steven Slipp Design, who gave us our name and logo;
  • Ned Zimmerman, Fundy Film’s faithful web designer and administrative consultant.

Special thanks to Al Whittle, former manager of our beloved Acadia Cinema in Wolfville, whose ongoing advice and support is deeply appreciated.

As a member of the Toronto International Film Festival Group’s Film Circuit, Fundy Film is indebted to the Circuit and its sponsoring organizations and businesses:

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